High clarity,High thickness PET Bottle Resin[Type No.663G]


Packaging Materials


Tairilin 663G is a highly copolymeric amorphous resin with nominal intrinsic viscosity 0.635dl/g.

This resin is completely amorphous which is suitable for the high thickness parts require high clarity without crystalline whiten.

Tairilin 663G is designed for thick cosmetic parts with highly brightness, sparkling and neutral hue.

663G could be converted as cosmetic jars or bottles via injection molding or injection stretch blow molding. 663G is easily melting and flowing which could be melted at lower temperature than  conventional PET resins.

663G resin does not contain heavy metals.

Tairilin 663G resin is produced in a state of the art polymerization technology with a strict quality monitoring system.

The production facilities producing 666G resin is approved by ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 systems.

663G resin conforms to FDA Regulation 177.1630, and is widely used for food and beverage packaging. 663G resin is an environmental friendly product with the important advantage of being
totally recyclable.


High Thickness, High Clarity and Brightness Cosmetic Parts


663GAmorphous PET resinHighly copolymeric amorphous resin,lower melting temperature, High Brightness,Antimony-free,suitable for high thickness cosmetic jar with high transparency by injection.High Thickness, High Clarity and Brightness Cosmetic Parts
Technical Data Sheet[TYPE No.663G]
Technical Data Sheet(Type No.663G)