Fast Reheat PET Bottle Resin[TYPE NO.AA08E]


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Tairilin AA08E is a copolymer resin with a nominal intrinsic viscosity of 0.84dl/g. AA08E resin is specially designed to have the
advantage of fast reheat performance during the preforms are reheated by near Infrared lamps. Furthermore, the preforms and bottles made there from are not so dark in compared with competitive resins.
AA08E resin is suitable for the carbonated soft drinks bottles, which has critical requirements regarding to strength and resistance of caustic stress cracking.
AA08E resin possesses excellent melting characteristic, optimized crystallization rate, large process window, good transparency and good thermal stability during injection and stretch blow moulding. These features allow the resin to be processed at shorter cycle time and higher production speed , which reduce the costs of converters.
Tairilin AA08E resin is produced in a state of the art continuous polymerization technology and is combined with a strict quality monitoring system. The production facilities are approved by ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 systems.
Tairilin AA08E resin conforms to FDA Regulation 177.1630, and has been accepted by international carbonated soft drink companies. Tairilin AA08E resin is an environmental friendly product with the
advantage of being totally recyclable.


Carbonated Soft Drink bottle with energy-saving advantage during bottle blowing.


AA08EFast Reheat PET BottFast IR reheat resin,especially for high speed production of blow moulding.Carbonated Soft Drink bottle with energy-saving advantage during bottle blowing.
Technical Data Sheet[TYPE No.AA08E]
Technical Data Sheet(Type No.AA08E)