911P , 〔Di-(C9~C11) Phthalate 〕



911P is produced by esterifying C9~C11 mixed alcohol and Phthalic Anhydride. 911P has low volatility and excellent cold resistance. Its cold resistance is equivalent to that of a DEHP/ DOA mixture at 60/40WT%. Regarding wire and cable heat resistance, 911P has durable mechanical characteristics and excellent cold resistance. Mixing 911P with TOTM can provide a more economical way to meet the U.S.’s UL 62 105℃ class cable requirement. 911P’s low volatility is especially recommended for “non-fogging” products, such as leather coats, spring cushions for cars, etc.


Main Usage: 1.Wires & Cables 2.Leather & Clothes 3.Gloves 4.Shoes 5.Construction materials 6.PVC Plastisols …etc.

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